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Successful Business Entrepreneur Kris Roglieri

Kris Roglieri is proud to call himself an entrepreneur. He has had the honor of not only transitioning from employee to employer, but he is the proud owner of two businesses. Kris Roglieri has made a name for himself in the finance industry. He has been working in securing financing for businesses for over two decades and has extensive finance knowledge in his arsenal of business skills.

Kris Roglieri started off as an employee working for a bank in upstate New York until a bank merger in 1994 led to the elimination of his position and an opportunity for business creation. Kris Roglieri became his own boss when he founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York. His business became a success because of the all the finance option knowledge Kris Roglieri possessed. His business expanded to include a second office in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006.

Kris Roglieri also became co-founder of another commercial financing company called Durham Commercial Capital, which is a self-funded lending institution in Rochester, New York. And between both of the finance companies owned by Kris Roglieri, he finances over $100 Million in loans annually. Each loan designed to help other businesses succeed are a result of Kris Roglieri’s own understanding of how to achieve financing as an entrepreneur.

Kris Roglieri is not afraid to help share his tips and tricks with others. He shares piece of his wisdom and knowledge in new outlets such as Bloomberg, the Business Review, and the New York State Real Estate Journal. Kris Roglieri has even been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on Fox Business News for his work in the commercial finance field. There is little doubt that Kris Roglieri has made himself a very successful man, and all with his strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce Member Kris Roglieri

Kris Roglieri is a proud business owner. He owns two finance companies that help provide financing solutions for businesses across the country. Kris Roglieri is at heart an entrepreneur. He started his first finance company after a bank merger in 1994 resulted in the elimination of his and others’ positions. So Kris Roglieri put his finance knowledge to work and founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York. Later, he co-founded Durham Commercial Capital in Rochester, New York.

As a proud business owner, Kris Roglieri decided to become a member of the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic growth of the region and as finance lender, helping other businesses grow is what Kris Roglieri wants too. And the chamber seeks members like Kris Roglieri who are leaders. The goal of the Albany-Chamber Chamber of Commerce is to help connect businesses with the resources they need and seek to encourage economic growth in the region.

Some of the resources that help to promote economic growth not only in the Albany region but regions across the country are the access of commercial financing. In this case, it means that finance professionals -like Kris Roglieri- play a key role in helping businesses find the best solutions for their finance needs. The Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce is all about promoting business growth which makes it a perfect place for Kris Roglieri to share a membership in both as a business owner and as someone who helps businesses grow and thrive.

The Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce also offers ways for business to market within their region. Kris Roglieri does not need much help advertising himself. He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and Fox Business News.

Commercial Capital Training Group Created By Kris Roglieri

Average citizens time to time need to finance or get a loan in order to make a purchase necessary for their lives. This may include financing a house or securing a car loan. Similar to average citizens, businesses as well, seek financing to open a second franchise, buy a new piece of equipment, expand their own business, etc. So when it comes time for businesses to seek financing they may turn to a bank, if a bank says “no,” business owners may not know where else to turn.

However, Kris Roglieri is in the finance business and knows that banks are not the only places that businesses can turn to. He himself owns two national finance companies. And while his are not the only two that exist, Kris Roglieri has recognized that not all companies are as aware of other avenues to secure lending as he himself is. And even as a finance business owner; Kris Roglieri has been hired by other financing companies to train their sales staff so they too can possess the same knowledge.

Seeing a need for more in-depth knowledge coming out of many people who claim to be “finance professionals,” Kris Roglieri created the Commercial Capital Training Group so that he could train others in the knowledge he possesses. However, this training group isn’t something anyone can join. Kris Roglieri is very strict about the candidates he chooses to accept. And the purpose of the group is to train people on identifying the best capital solutions for the businesses they help.

Kris Roglieri’s goal with the Commercial Capital Training group created in 2009 was to train qualified people to secure financing for the businesses who hire them. And the training also means to help them look for financing solutions besides banks. When banks say “no,” the people Kris Roglieri trains will have other alternatives.

Kris Roglieri Trains on Alternative Finance Concepts

Kris Roglieri is a very intelligent man. He has had years of experience working in the finance industry. Through his over twenty years of finance work, he found that there are many people who work to help businesses to secure lending that don’t know the various avenues they can turn to when banks are unwillingly to lend. Kris Roglieri also knows that there are many different forms of financing and lending so being knowledgeable in each one is important when you work to help businesses.

Kris Roglieri’s own personal start in the finance field was through his work in a regional bank in New York. However, after a bank merger, Kris Roglieri decided to start his own finance business. He founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York and quickly led the company to success because of his deep understanding of the finance industry. It wasn’t too long after he started his own company that Kris Roglieri was recognized for his skills.

As a result of his extensive knowledge, Kris Roglieri was hired by several different finance companies to train and teach their own sales staff on various finance concepts. For Kris Roglieri, this spoke volumes to how not every finance company was capable of securing the various forms of lending that he himself could. Where others lacked knowledge, Kris Roglieri possessed it. So Kris Roglieri knew that being hired to train other finance companies employees was not all he could do.

Seeing a need to extend his knowledge to others, Kris Roglieri created Commercial Capital Training Group. While it is a more recent creation, it is an intensive training program. And Kris Roglieri even screens the candidates who seek training. However, for those who do make it into the training group, they become trained in-depth in many of the skills that Kris Roglieri knows they need to help businesses.

Kris Roglieri Regularly Contributes His Knowledge

When you’ve been a particular field of work for over twenty years, chances are you have a lot of tricks and tips that you can share with others in order to make their lives a little less complicated. In Kris Roglieri’s case, this means that he has over two decades of finance industry related knowledge that he can share with others in the finance industry or businesses that rely on financing. Fortunately for others, Kris Roglieri is an open and honest person who isn’t afraid to help others come to the same knowledge that he himself has come to understand through his years of work.

Kris Roglieri is proud of his work history. He is the successful owner of two financing companies and even recently started a training program to train professionals in various forms of finance lending. And while Kris Roglieri is proud to help train people in an intensive course through the creation of his Commercial Capital Training Group, he still shares other bits and tips through various outlets.

As a finance professional, Kris Roglieri is a regular contributor to Bloomberg, The Business Review, and the New York State Real Estate Journal. He shares bits of information like what it is that some businesses don’t do correctly to secure lending or tips on where else they can look. This of course also helps to promote Kris Roglieri’s own finance lending companies of which he owns two: Prime Commercial Lending and Durham Commercial Capital.

And Kris Roglieri shares extensive knowledge through Commercial Capital Training Group, which was a more recent creation of his. Through his experience, Kris Roglieri found that even “professionals” didn’t come out of school with the amount of knowledge they should. So through his training group, Kris Roglieri helps share his finance knowledge in-depth.

Success Recognition Has Helped to Honor Kris Roglieri

Being recognized for your accomplishments or years of dedication and hard work is an honor for anyone who has had that experience. It is the feeling of pride one takes in themselves for things like walking down the aisle at graduation and hanging a diploma on the wall or framing an article in a newspaper or magazine where you’ve been featured or mentioned in a story.

Kris Roglieri knows the pride that comes with being recognized for hard work. He has not only been praised for his success in a varoius magazine articles, but he has had the fortunate experience of even being featured on Fox Business News. What makes the recognition that Kris Roglieri has received so special is that his recognition comes from his success as a business owner with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Kris Roglieri has been involved in the commercial finance industry for over 20 years and in that time he has learned that there are many finance brokers who don’t have the deep understanding that they need in order to pursue different avenues for helping business’ lending needs. This led to Kris Roglieri’s founding of Commercial Capital Training Group in which Kris Roglieri helps train others in the extensive knowledge in the various forms of finance they will need in order to be successful in the finance field.

Kris Roglieri’s founding of the Commercial Capital Training Group is what became featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on Fox News. In Entrepreneur magazine, Kris Roglieri was quoted for his knowledge on some of the credit mistakes that small business owners make and that lending experts like him can help small businesses make better choices so that they can avoid getting stuck with a problem they can’t handle. And in Fox Business News, he was featured in the different financing solutions he teaches through Commercial Capital Lending Group.

Kris Roglieri Is a Hands-On Business Owner

People take different approaches to business. Some people will outsource knowledge of certain business aspects to others while some people want to learn the ins and outs of every aspect of their business. Kris Roglieri is one of the people who desire to be very involved in his businesses. Kris Roglieri was quick to recognize that the more knowledgeable he had personally, the more he could help drive his business to success.

Kris Roglieri’s knowledge as a business owner has grown tremendously since he first founded his own lending company called Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York in 1994. Kris Roglieri understood that while there are many business owners in America who are good at running their own businesses- many are not skilled at securing loans for their businesses. So Kris Roglieri is the professional that many businesses around the nation can trust to turn to.

Kris Roglieri knew for his own business’s success that he had to set himself apart from others. He succeeded in doing just that because he ensured that his business was knowledgeable in securing financing from a number of different outlets. And in order to make sure that everyone in his business was as skilled as himself, Kris Roglieri had to get deeply involved in training others to understand everything he did. Kris Roglieri was not shy about sharing as much knowledge as he could with others.

As a result of his ownership of two lending companies and a real estate company, Kris Roglieri saw the need for extensive finance training. So Kris Roglieri created Commercial Capital Training Group to train others. With the training group, Kris Roglieri works extensively in an intense training group to train others in the same skills that has made Kris Roglieri a success in commercial lending for over the past 20 years.