Kris Roglieri Regularly Contributes His Knowledge

When you’ve been a particular field of work for over twenty years, chances are you have a lot of tricks and tips that you can share with others in order to make their lives a little less complicated. In Kris Roglieri’s case, this means that he has over two decades of finance industry related knowledge that he can share with others in the finance industry or businesses that rely on financing. Fortunately for others, Kris Roglieri is an open and honest person who isn’t afraid to help others come to the same knowledge that he himself has come to understand through his years of work.

Kris Roglieri is proud of his work history. He is the successful owner of two financing companies and even recently started a training program to train professionals in various forms of finance lending. And while Kris Roglieri is proud to help train people in an intensive course through the creation of his Commercial Capital Training Group, he still shares other bits and tips through various outlets.

As a finance professional, Kris Roglieri is a regular contributor to Bloomberg, The Business Review, and the New York State Real Estate Journal. He shares bits of information like what it is that some businesses don’t do correctly to secure lending or tips on where else they can look. This of course also helps to promote Kris Roglieri’s own finance lending companies of which he owns two: Prime Commercial Lending and Durham Commercial Capital.

And Kris Roglieri shares extensive knowledge through Commercial Capital Training Group, which was a more recent creation of his. Through his experience, Kris Roglieri found that even “professionals” didn’t come out of school with the amount of knowledge they should. So through his training group, Kris Roglieri helps share his finance knowledge in-depth.


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