Kris Roglieri Trains on Alternative Finance Concepts

Kris Roglieri is a very intelligent man. He has had years of experience working in the finance industry. Through his over twenty years of finance work, he found that there are many people who work to help businesses to secure lending that don’t know the various avenues they can turn to when banks are unwillingly to lend. Kris Roglieri also knows that there are many different forms of financing and lending so being knowledgeable in each one is important when you work to help businesses.

Kris Roglieri’s own personal start in the finance field was through his work in a regional bank in New York. However, after a bank merger, Kris Roglieri decided to start his own finance business. He founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York and quickly led the company to success because of his deep understanding of the finance industry. It wasn’t too long after he started his own company that Kris Roglieri was recognized for his skills.

As a result of his extensive knowledge, Kris Roglieri was hired by several different finance companies to train and teach their own sales staff on various finance concepts. For Kris Roglieri, this spoke volumes to how not every finance company was capable of securing the various forms of lending that he himself could. Where others lacked knowledge, Kris Roglieri possessed it. So Kris Roglieri knew that being hired to train other finance companies employees was not all he could do.

Seeing a need to extend his knowledge to others, Kris Roglieri created Commercial Capital Training Group. While it is a more recent creation, it is an intensive training program. And Kris Roglieri even screens the candidates who seek training. However, for those who do make it into the training group, they become trained in-depth in many of the skills that Kris Roglieri knows they need to help businesses.


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