Commercial Capital Training Group Created By Kris Roglieri

Average citizens time to time need to finance or get a loan in order to make a purchase necessary for their lives. This may include financing a house or securing a car loan. Similar to average citizens, businesses as well, seek financing to open a second franchise, buy a new piece of equipment, expand their own business, etc. So when it comes time for businesses to seek financing they may turn to a bank, if a bank says “no,” business owners may not know where else to turn.

However, Kris Roglieri is in the finance business and knows that banks are not the only places that businesses can turn to. He himself owns two national finance companies. And while his are not the only two that exist, Kris Roglieri has recognized that not all companies are as aware of other avenues to secure lending as he himself is. And even as a finance business owner; Kris Roglieri has been hired by other financing companies to train their sales staff so they too can possess the same knowledge.

Seeing a need for more in-depth knowledge coming out of many people who claim to be “finance professionals,” Kris Roglieri created the Commercial Capital Training Group so that he could train others in the knowledge he possesses. However, this training group isn’t something anyone can join. Kris Roglieri is very strict about the candidates he chooses to accept. And the purpose of the group is to train people on identifying the best capital solutions for the businesses they help.

Kris Roglieri’s goal with the Commercial Capital Training group created in 2009 was to train qualified people to secure financing for the businesses who hire them. And the training also means to help them look for financing solutions besides banks. When banks say “no,” the people Kris Roglieri trains will have other alternatives.


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