Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce Member Kris Roglieri

Kris Roglieri is a proud business owner. He owns two finance companies that help provide financing solutions for businesses across the country. Kris Roglieri is at heart an entrepreneur. He started his first finance company after a bank merger in 1994 resulted in the elimination of his and others’ positions. So Kris Roglieri put his finance knowledge to work and founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York. Later, he co-founded Durham Commercial Capital in Rochester, New York.

As a proud business owner, Kris Roglieri decided to become a member of the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce. The goal of the Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce is to promote the economic growth of the region and as finance lender, helping other businesses grow is what Kris Roglieri wants too. And the chamber seeks members like Kris Roglieri who are leaders. The goal of the Albany-Chamber Chamber of Commerce is to help connect businesses with the resources they need and seek to encourage economic growth in the region.

Some of the resources that help to promote economic growth not only in the Albany region but regions across the country are the access of commercial financing. In this case, it means that finance professionals -like Kris Roglieri- play a key role in helping businesses find the best solutions for their finance needs. The Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce is all about promoting business growth which makes it a perfect place for Kris Roglieri to share a membership in both as a business owner and as someone who helps businesses grow and thrive.

The Albany-Colonie Chamber of Commerce also offers ways for business to market within their region. Kris Roglieri does not need much help advertising himself. He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and Fox Business News.


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