Successful Business Entrepreneur Kris Roglieri

Kris Roglieri is proud to call himself an entrepreneur. He has had the honor of not only transitioning from employee to employer, but he is the proud owner of two businesses. Kris Roglieri has made a name for himself in the finance industry. He has been working in securing financing for businesses for over two decades and has extensive finance knowledge in his arsenal of business skills.

Kris Roglieri started off as an employee working for a bank in upstate New York until a bank merger in 1994 led to the elimination of his position and an opportunity for business creation. Kris Roglieri became his own boss when he founded Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York. His business became a success because of the all the finance option knowledge Kris Roglieri possessed. His business expanded to include a second office in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006.

Kris Roglieri also became co-founder of another commercial financing company called Durham Commercial Capital, which is a self-funded lending institution in Rochester, New York. And between both of the finance companies owned by Kris Roglieri, he finances over $100 Million in loans annually. Each loan designed to help other businesses succeed are a result of Kris Roglieri’s own understanding of how to achieve financing as an entrepreneur.

Kris Roglieri is not afraid to help share his tips and tricks with others. He shares piece of his wisdom and knowledge in new outlets such as Bloomberg, the Business Review, and the New York State Real Estate Journal. Kris Roglieri has even been featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on Fox Business News for his work in the commercial finance field. There is little doubt that Kris Roglieri has made himself a very successful man, and all with his strong entrepreneurial spirit.


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