Kris Roglieri Highlighted in Mergers and Acquisitions and Forbes

It is a high achievement to be recognized in a prominent literary magazine of your field, so Kris Roglieri of the Commercial Capital Training Group was delighted as he was recently highlighted in both Mergers and Acquisitions and Forbes, both of which are industry leading magazines for the field of commercial finance.

In “Finance Finesse,” Kris Roglieri outlines some important facts about interest rates. It pronounces the attractive possibilities for middle-market companies due to extremely low interest rates in commercial lending. He outlines the current trends in refinancing actions. Because interest rates are currently so low, the rates are being taken advantage of while they can. Kris points out in the article that many banks that distributed credit lines five or so years ago are now seeking ways to cancel those loans.

One informational example discussed in the article was an auto repair company who had its line of credit slashed after its revenues decreased after the 2008 session. This is a very common occurrence for many businesses that experienced diminished revenues after the recession.

Beyond this example, the “Finance and Finesse” also described other case studies such as Camsing Global, Diamond Packaging Holdings LLC, and Waterford Wedgwood. All examples cited were companies that were able to take advantage of actions towards refinancing at extremely low rates.

In the Forbes article, “Five Ways to Avoid Taking VC Money While Growing Your Business,” Kris describes useful ways for new entrepreneurs to expand. He discusses selling invoices for instant cash, monetizing purchase orders, using contracts for leverage for more capital, utilizing merchant case advances, and obtaining a business credit card. Kris is quoting in the article as saying, “A lot of entrepreneurs don’t realize that VC funding is very, very hard.”


To view the articles featuring Kris Roglieri, you can visit the following links:



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