Kris Roglieri: Providing Alternative Financing Options

Kris Roglieri is highly knowledgeable in the commercial finance field, and he has a few grand ideas about providing alternative financing options. According to Kris, it takes a little “business savvy and diversification,” but it is definitely possible to keep your head above the water during turbulent times in commercial finance.

Build Deep Relationships & Know the Options

In particular, Kris believes that providing alternative financing options always stems having a keen eye for business finance, and it does not hurt to have strong business bonds. It is no secret that building strong business bonds is a recipe for success, but a commercial finance expert knows that he or she cannot solely rely on relationships for extreme success. You have to know the business and you have to know the market!

Expand Your Horizons

If you are in the finance industry, and you are only offering one thing to your clients, you are selling yourself short. Kris Roglieri believes that you are actually putting yourself in danger if you are only offering your clients one option. For instance, a commercial finance advisor who is offering commercial mortgages could easily fall victim to an unsteady or swiftly changing market.

This is why Kris recommends that people in commercial finance field expand their knowledge so that they may offer more than one, in fact – multiple, financial solution to their clients. He advises commercial brokers to expand their knowledge because it will help them combat an ever-fluctuating market that is sometimes working against them.

According to Kris, diversity is now the key when it comes to commercial financing options. Some clients are going to require more than the conventional commercial loans, so commercial brokers want to make sure that they are qualified and knowledgeable to provide them with the best options. Kris Roglieri says that commercial finance brokers will be able to cross sell this way, and it will benefit them and their clients.

Recently, Kris Roglieri’s ideas about providing alternative financing options were published in The Niche Report.




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