Kris Roglieri Discusses Alternative Financing in the Niche Report

In a new article published by the Niche Report, Kris Roglieri of the Commercial Capital Training Group presents insider advice on how to engage in alternative financing solutions. Particularly geared towards brokers and small business owners, Kris Roglieri offers practical advice in this article for increasing revenue even in the midst of a tough economic climate.

One of Kris Roglieri’s main points in this article is the importance of building relationships with your clients. If you are a member of the financial industry, Kris Roglieri suggests that you are in a position of unique power over the financial wellbeing of the companies and individuals that you serve. Kris Roglieri recommends forming relationships built on trust so that you can develop a sense of loyalty in your clients. As the Commercial Capital Training Group advocates, it is wise to maintain expertise on multiple financing options, so that your clients will implicitly trust your advice.

Through the Commercial Capital Training Group, Kris Roglieri has developed a method of imparting this type of wisdom to aspiring businessmen. This article in the Niche Report reflects the values that Kris Roglieri teaches in the Commercial Capital Training Group programs. Learning to incorporate alternative financing strategies into your business allows you to develop financial stability, according to Kris Roglieri.

If you are a small business owner who wants to expand your knowledge on alternative financing, Kris Roglieri recommends taking the following steps:

–          Attend a business training program such as the one run by Kris Roglieri at Commercial Capital Training Group in order to expand your knowledge of the industry.

–          Develop your relationship with professionals in different industries that might be able to widen your base of knowledge.

–          Keep up with current financial news, so that you will be ahead of the curve as new theories and strategies are developed.


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