Kris Roglieri of Commercial Capital Training Group: Tips for Brokers in 2013

As a successful entrepreneur in the financial world, Kris Roglieri has unique insight into the issues surrounding commercial lending in the current economic situation. As the founder of many companies, most notably Commercial Capital Training Group, Durham Commercial Capital, and Prime Commercial Lending, Kris Roglieri has devoted his life to understanding the inner working of the financial lending game.

Kris Roglieri of Commercial Capital Training Group recently published an article in the Scotsman Guide that details his advice for brokers in the financial climate of 2013. Here is a roundup of Kris Roglieri’s recommendations.

Diversify Your Offerings

In the world of financial services, focusing to specifically on one product can be devastating if the market turns and that product becomes impractical. Kris Roglieri and the Commercial Capital Training Group advise that brokers expand their product offerings in 2013. In addition to the protection that this diversity creates for your business, an increased product line also enlarges your area of expertise as a broker so that you are better equipped to serve your clients in all of their needs.

Find A Unique Spin

The inclusion of certain products can make your company stand out to clients, according to Kris Roglieri of Commercial Capital Training Group. If you can identify a certain service that not many other brokers of your type offer, that might be your ticket to presenting a higher quality customer experience. Clients typically look or a broker who is experienced but also innovative, so an unusual addition to your arsenal of products could be a huge boost for your company, says Kris Roglieri.

Build Your Income

More services means wider appeal, so increasing diversity will likely generate new revenue for your company. Especially if you take the time to develop high quality products and services, you innovative approach as a broker will make you stand out among your peers, leading to word-of-mouth promotion from your clients.



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