Success Recognition Has Helped to Honor Kris Roglieri

Being recognized for your accomplishments or years of dedication and hard work is an honor for anyone who has had that experience. It is the feeling of pride one takes in themselves for things like walking down the aisle at graduation and hanging a diploma on the wall or framing an article in a newspaper or magazine where you’ve been featured or mentioned in a story.

Kris Roglieri knows the pride that comes with being recognized for hard work. He has not only been praised for his success in a varoius magazine articles, but he has had the fortunate experience of even being featured on Fox Business News. What makes the recognition that Kris Roglieri has received so special is that his recognition comes from his success as a business owner with a strong entrepreneurial spirit.

Kris Roglieri has been involved in the commercial finance industry for over 20 years and in that time he has learned that there are many finance brokers who don’t have the deep understanding that they need in order to pursue different avenues for helping business’ lending needs. This led to Kris Roglieri’s founding of Commercial Capital Training Group in which Kris Roglieri helps train others in the extensive knowledge in the various forms of finance they will need in order to be successful in the finance field.

Kris Roglieri’s founding of the Commercial Capital Training Group is what became featured in Entrepreneur magazine and on Fox News. In Entrepreneur magazine, Kris Roglieri was quoted for his knowledge on some of the credit mistakes that small business owners make and that lending experts like him can help small businesses make better choices so that they can avoid getting stuck with a problem they can’t handle. And in Fox Business News, he was featured in the different financing solutions he teaches through Commercial Capital Lending Group.


Kris Roglieri Is a Hands-On Business Owner

People take different approaches to business. Some people will outsource knowledge of certain business aspects to others while some people want to learn the ins and outs of every aspect of their business. Kris Roglieri is one of the people who desire to be very involved in his businesses. Kris Roglieri was quick to recognize that the more knowledgeable he had personally, the more he could help drive his business to success.

Kris Roglieri’s knowledge as a business owner has grown tremendously since he first founded his own lending company called Prime Commercial Lending in Albany, New York in 1994. Kris Roglieri understood that while there are many business owners in America who are good at running their own businesses- many are not skilled at securing loans for their businesses. So Kris Roglieri is the professional that many businesses around the nation can trust to turn to.

Kris Roglieri knew for his own business’s success that he had to set himself apart from others. He succeeded in doing just that because he ensured that his business was knowledgeable in securing financing from a number of different outlets. And in order to make sure that everyone in his business was as skilled as himself, Kris Roglieri had to get deeply involved in training others to understand everything he did. Kris Roglieri was not shy about sharing as much knowledge as he could with others.

As a result of his ownership of two lending companies and a real estate company, Kris Roglieri saw the need for extensive finance training. So Kris Roglieri created Commercial Capital Training Group to train others. With the training group, Kris Roglieri works extensively in an intense training group to train others in the same skills that has made Kris Roglieri a success in commercial lending for over the past 20 years.

Finance Company Owner; Kris Roglieri

Many people can call themselves proud business owners. There are lots of businesses in America, some large and others small. Some have franchises nationally or regionally while others may have just one single location that is known locally. No matter the size of the business or what the business is, most business owners are very proud of their accomplishments in starting their own business and being their own boss. This entrepreneurial mentality can be found from gravel companies to finance lending companies.

Kris Roglieri is proud to be an entrepreneur. Not only is he the proud owner of one commercial lending business, but he actually owns two! Kris Roglieri is proud to posses over 20 years experience in commercial finance and real estate. This experience has helped lead him to his past successes, as well as current and future successes as well. And after a merger had caused Kris Roglieri and others their positions in 1994, Kris Roglieri decided to turn his commercial finance experience into a business of his own.

He first founded his commercial lending company in Albany, New York called Prime Commercial Lending. His own business became a tremendous success because of Kris Roglieri’s knowledge in securing finance from many different areas. His in-depth knowledge and skill as a business owner led to his own business’s success leading Kris Roglieri to eventually found a second office in Atlanta, Georgia in 2006.

Not only is Kris Roglieri the founder of Prime Commercial Lending, but he is also a co-founder of a national factoring,  Durham Commercial Capital as well. And Kris Roglieri’s success has been noticed in the business world. He has been featured in Entrepreneur magazine as well as Fox Business News. Kris Roglieri is a very talented man and a proud American business owner.

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